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the international community. >>> a senior u.s. official has brushed off north korea's condemnation of new u.s. sanctions against the country and its planned military drills with south korea. north korean foreign ministry official ri dong il said in vietnam on thursday that the u.s. moves represent an expansion of its anti-north korean and security in the peninsula. at a news conference u.s. assistant secretary of state phillip crowley responded to the north korean comments. >> the very kind of actions that we've announced in recent days including military exercises that will be conducted in the near future are expressly demonstrating that we will be prepared to act in response to future north korea provocations. >> crowley said actions by north korea, including the sinking of a south korean warship, are the kinds of moves that actually pose a threat to stability in the region. he said the united states wants the north to cease its provocative actions and take the affirmative steps toward denuclearization it has pledged in the past. >>> japan has agreed with the association of southeast asian
to get physical with the u.s. over sanctions. there is a rosy picture of economic progress but are they looking at rose-colored glasses? and some climb on board to extend bush era tax cuts. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report". good evening. i'm bret baier. pentagon officials say they plan to conduct military exercises with south korea despite a threat from the north of what it calls a physical response. the drills and the north's reaction to them, both grow out of accusations that north korea was responsible for the sinking of a south korean warship in march. tensions are rising tonight. national correspondent steve centanni has the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: with military hardware in place for a pointed show of force off the kore korean peninsula, harsh words remain the weapon of choice. at asian security conference in hanoi, vietnam, they condemned the military exercises and issued this threat -- >> it will be physical, respon response. it's no longer the 19th century, which -- [inaudible ] >> but the diplomacy it is. the exercises incl
shirley sherrod, fired by the u.s.d.a., got the call and another apology. are illegal immigrants raising the crime rate? some argue yes; others no. we'll give you the facts. and happy thursday-- or is it? tracking the mood of america tweet by tweet. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. a tropical storm has just formed in the caribbean and by saturday it could be churning through the site of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico, disrupting the cleanup for days, even weeks. some cleanup boats were sent back to port today. the large oil recovery ships may follow. tropical storm bonnie is north of cuba right now, and over the next few days it's projected to pass through the florida keys and then into the gulf. even so, federal officials said today they will keep the cap on that ruptured well. and the white house said the president, who's been urging americans to visit the gulf's still-open beaches, will take the first family to the gulf coast of florida next month
waterfront master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number nine,resolution approving the thirty fourth amendment to the treasure island land and structures master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 10, resolution approving the fourteenth amendment to the treasure island marina master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 11, resolution approving the sixth amendment to the treasure island childcare master island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 12, resolution approving the sixth amendment to the treasure island childcare master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 13, resolution approving and authorizing the treasure island development authority to enter into a modification to the cooperative agreement with the u.s. navy to extend the cooperative agreement from october 1, 2010, t
has been indicted to appear before u.s. senate hearing over the decision to free the convicted lockerbie bomber. the foreign relations committee is investigating whether it was linked to a libyan oil deal involving bp. earlier, i suggested to our correspondent at the list seems to be growing. >> it seems to be, but at the moment it is far easier to say who is not attending perry when no various scottish ministers and officials have been invited, but they're not going because they don't have anything more to add. jack straw, who was the british justice secretary at the time said he is considering it. he does not have any object in principle, but he wants to discuss it with some of his former colleagues, including gordon brown, first. there is a list and a hearing is due next week, but we're not sure yet who will be attending. >> these senators have high- level backing, secretary of state hillary clinton who said she was deeply troubled by the decision to release the lockerbie bomber is backing them. >> she is, and was feeling that she added to the momentum of the subject and the
they handed out huge bonuses and with citigroup being the biggest offenders since they haven't paid the u.s. taxpayer back, but the pay master may be leaving out one big important piece of information, that according to fox business network's stuart varney. everybody gets very riled up about this. there's a lot to understand here, though, and i know you want to lay out some of that for us. >> number one, the pay czar, he cannot claw back the money. he can ask for it back. does not have the legal authority to take it back. point number two, 11 of the 17 banks which paid these bonuses actually repaid all of the bailout money in full with interest and with profit to the taxpayer. he did not call them obscene or huge bonuses, he called them ill advised and unmerited, and some of these bonuses may have had to have been paid because of the contractual obligations to the executives involved. number ', you're right, citi may well have been the biggest offender because of one big particular earning trader. number four, are we absolutely sure that this is not a political attack on the banking industr
bombing, former justice secretary jack straw considers testifying before the u.s. senate. power of the drones. taliban admits u.s. attacks are disrupting their activities. hello, welcome to "gmt." i'm david eades. tropical storm bonnie has been blazing a trail through the caribbean and is headed toward the gulf of mexico. that of course puts the bp oil spill operation directly in the line of sight. at the u.s. government ordered dozens of ships to leave the area, raising the prospects of a further delay in plugging the well once and for all. incident commander said the well would remain capped while the ships to move out, but work on a relief well may be delayed for up to two weeks. >> the churning winds and rain squalls accompanying tropical storm bonnie have already been a new worry for the people of haiti still struggling to recover from the catastrophic earthquake in january. the biggest concern here is for those still without adequate shelter six months on. in the bahamas, two signs of the winds gathering strength with forecasters predicting that this year's hurricane seaso
. >> but the taliban have admitted that the attacks have disrupted their activities. u.s. officials told the bbc that over 600 militants have been killed in strikes since president obama took office, and very few civilians. many in pakistan think they're politicians support the attacks, a charge the government in islamabad denies. >> i hope the u.s. will consider its. give us the technology. we know where to, how to do it. then we will have ownership. when this thing happens, people will recognize it. >> some of those who fled the area say they are sick of the politics and the violence. >> i moved because of my children's safety. i do not know who to blame. islamabad, washington, or the taliban. we just cannot bear it anymore. >> it will take a long time for northwest pakistan to get out. america insists the strikes must continue to be part of the solution. bbc news. >> our coverage is also available via world service radio today and on line as well. there is a fat file, detailed maps -- there is a fact file, the tell the house, and the views of one pilot who worked in afghanistan's helmand prov
is needed to stop illegals and smugglers from flooding across the u.s./mexico border. but as bill whitaker reports, the border region is not the lawless territory many believe it is. >> the border is more secure now than it's ever been. >> reporter: murder, burglaries, rape, the major crimes, up or down on the border? >> they're down. >> reporter: down? >> violence in the cities is down. >> reporter: according to the fbi, that's true across the southern border this decade. in san diego, violent crime is down 17%. in phoenix, down 10%. el paso, texas, one of the safest cities in the u.s., violent crime down 36%. and it sits right across from juarez, mexico, one of the deadliest cities on earth. west along the border in nogales, arizona -- >> this is a very safe environment. >> reporter: chris, a third generation produce distributor says it's as safe as 20 years ago. one reason? >> we're definitely seeing more border patrol over the last few years. >> reporter: border patrol chief is in charge of the 262-mile tucson sector that covers nogales. 338 agents patrol today, up from a decade ago. w
government debt or trying to spark new lending to business. for a closer look, greg ip, u.s. economics editor of "the economist" magazine. greg, welcome. corporate earnings, they were higher than expected. what happened? why? >> well, the story of the last few months is that corporations have actually been reporting earnings that are better than analysts have expected but often the market has not taken that well. because when you dig down you find that a lot of that improvement is because of cost-cutting. we know that employment has been weak. and one reason why is that companies, when they meet their sales targets are doing it by making their workers more productive rather than hiring more. the other thing especially true today with companies like caterpillar and ups is the strong sales are not in the u.s. you but if places like china and india. the bottom line is the market is doing well but that is not necessarily a great sign for the economy. over the last month, even though we had a good day today t only kind of like takes us back to where we were, you know, a few weeks ago. it's basical
into a history of discrimination by the u.s. agriculture department. and money owed to black farmers. >>> and a former republican senator may be out to get michael steele. i'll ask norm coleman if he is serious about a possible challenge for his party's top job. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> up first, a failed flaw aboard the deepwater horizon rig when it exploded and unleashed the worst oil disaster in u.s. history. we're just now learning that an alarm system, get this, had intentionally been disabled for about a year before the april 20th blast that killed 11 workers. the platform's chief electronics technician testified today before a federal panel. he explained that the rig's fire and gas sensors were active but its computer system was inhibited in his word so it wouldn't trigger any kind of general alarm or an automatic engine shutdown. listen to this. >> when i discovered it was inhibited about a year ago i inquired as to why it was inhibited. and the explanation i got was that from the oim down they did not want people woke up at 3:00 in the morning du
tails -- details on homeowners facing foreclosure. >>> and plus, the u.s. gets involved as tensions mount between north korea and south korea. >>> talking about tough times. the mayor who's cutting toilet paper from the city budget. we'll explain, coming up.  >>> the threat came during an asian security conference in vietnam. the secretary of state attended the meeting and said that north korea's actions are dangerous and provocative. >> we'll demonstrate once again to the military exercises that the united states stand in firm support of the defense of south korea. >>> they're accused of torpedoing a ship in march. after a meeting on wednesday, secretary clinton announced new sanctions against north korea. since the sinking of the ship, texs are increasing. >> we have to be careful and we have to be clear and very firm that we're not going to be intimidated by the threats. >> secretary clinton says that the sanctions are to design the missions. in washington, craig boswell. >>> there's hope for homeowners trying to save the property. how a massive event is bringing help to th
through the u.s. congress. what kind of a political football is that now? >> well this is a bi product of judicial activism when the clean air act was written john dingle was there and he said no one caulked about carbon dioxide. in massachusetts versus the epa the supreme court said the epa can go ahead and effectively make law by including it in their regulatory apparatus. again this is not going to go over well. it will deaf state the economy and if the administration tries this i think they do so at their own peril. megyn: we'll see. that seems to be the direction they are moving toward and we'll see what they aspire to do as this bill is doa in the senate. always a pressure. he is a powerful member of the house of representatives. now congressman charlie rangel is facing ethics charges of his own. the last time an investigation like this happened a member of congress ended up in prison. what do these charges mean for the democrats in their race to retain the house? control of it in november. we'll have a fair & balanced debate coming up. and how does a game of ding dong ditch end
legal showdown over arizona's tough new immigration law. the u.s. justice department is trying to block the new law before it goes into effect next week. today was their first day in court. our own lee cowan is in phoenix covering. lee, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. most people think the federal government does have a pretty good case here. the problem may be the timing. how do you ask a federal judge to quash a state statute even before it goes into effect? arizona today was arguing, at least give us a chance to prove ourselves first. [ chanting ] >> reporter: with just one week to go before arizona's new immigration law is scheduled to take effect, the protests outside the federal courthouse in phoenix today were louder than ever, on both sides of the debate. >> the law is black and white. you're either breaking the law or not. >> reporter: inside, the federal government was asking a judge to block the law, arguing arizona can't establish its own immigration policy, largely, it says, because it may interfere with federal enforcement of the nation's immigration laws.
with colombia. chavez accused them and the u.s. of wanting to instigate a war with his country amid accusations from bogota that its neighbor was hovering leftist guerrillas. chavez announced he would sever ties after columbia presented what they said was photographic evidence of -- after colombia presented what they said was photographic evidence of farc rebels meeting with leaders in venezuela. >>> heavy rains and flooding in parts of the province. roads are still flooded from the previous typhoon. the government has warned pele to stay ioors. china currently in the grips of its worst flooding in at a decade. storms have killed more than 700 people since the beginning of the year, with hundreds more still missing. >>> germany's defense minister guttenberg sayse will not be scrapping the country's compulsory military service. the proposal had been hotly discussed as part of moves to reduce the size of germany's armed forces and cut costs. law reform plans could still see the drafput on hold,- while reform plans could still see the draft put on hold, he said it will remain in the constitution.
. the issue is, this administration is spending a better part of three days on a u.s. department of agriculture official when our country is hurting and desperate for work and desperate for prosperity. america sinking and we are talking about. this. >> bill: they would rather give -- and you have major garrett and james rosen, they want to get rid of this. so it's the media driving this story. the president called her. if the white house didn't have anything do-to-do this why did the president call her? >> because it was a classy thick to do. if i were the president we would have called her. cnn has her tied up. >> she thinks fox is racist. you don't want to say that i'm going to say that she believes fox is racist. >> bill: fine, i would still like to talk to the woman in person. now, if you believe that because she is a far-left person who is very committed to those views. she shouldn't be working, at the federal level doing the people's business? >> because you are supposed to represent all of america this is not to be a racial spoil system. >> anybody in the bush administrati
in kenya or indonesia and didn't have a legitimate u.s. birth certificate, the birther conspiracy, of course. in order to debunk that one, the obama campaign went on the offense in a big way and launched a website called fightthesmears.com. it had a whole page dedicated to debunking the birther conspiracy and detailed the actual facts about mr. obama's citizenship complete with his certification of live birth. but the obama campaign wasn't satisfied with just debunking, with just answering the birther smear or the whitey smear. their strategy was about more than that. it was about naming and shaming the people behind those smears. fightthesmears.com had a whole page dedicated to exposing the perpetrators of these smears, basically an interactive map listing various right wing groups, republican political operatives, even previous smears these individuals had been involved in. the strategy was not only to discredit the smear but also the smearer. here's how a campaign spokesman summed it up at the time. he said, quote, the obama campaign isn't going to let dishonest smears spread a
lay-offs, money for a summer jobs program and increased security along the u.s. border. it will head to the house where it faces an uncertain future. >>> a house investigative committee has dealt a serious blow to charles rangel charging the 80-year-old congressman with multiple ethics violations. he's racked up charges for wrongful use and failing to report rental income from a beachfront property. he took out his mounting frustrations when he was asked if he's frad of losing his job. >> how do you think i got my job? i'm elected, right? >> there's too ways. you could be voted out of here or -- >> what station? >> nbc, msnbc. >> i guess you need to make a name for yourself by basically, you know, some question. >> rang gal who gave up his position back in march maintains his innocence. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. an ohio man is making charges over a police officer. the pair began to struggle. in the end the cop had to be hospitalized with swelling on his face but he's now recovering at home. >>> new york police are searching fo
violent crime. the police scheefz a gang violence summit organized by u.s. attorney will take place next month. the fbi, drug enforcement, atf and immigration will be there to figure out what is needed most. and he says he's coming up with a plan to identify trouble spots in the story to go after in, his words, hot and heavy. >> shifting to be able to respond to 911 calls. >> oakland had to layoff 80 officers because of cuts. and tonight the city council is considering seven ballot measures for november ballot, some of which would help save jobs in the police department. >>> a man is under arrest tonight, accused of impersonating a cop, carrying a concealed weapon. 27-year-old taken into custody monday morning at a gas station. he was sitting in this black crown victoria rigged to look like an under cover car, including strobe lights and a dash board computer, inside were badges, a police radio and baton. investigators say it's easier to get that stuff than you might this. >> strobe lights. and spot lights. and yae. you name it. they're available online. i can't see anything that is not
and forth, is the department effective in preventing accidents? should the u.s. create a new arm? >> i don't like to say what they say about us, we said that massey had more fateals this year. but the bottom line is that the physics have to be the focus. you can't focus on surviving an explosion. because a human body can't survive an explosion. and that's what i speak out about being focused on problems. and when they had the creek about the problem of mapping. the government could do more about mapping, the state has better rules. there are things we can do with gas wells, and the mapping of e gas wells is what cooperation between the gas companies and the coal companies. it's not something that is gps gas wells. sometimes they are in there because of gps. there are a lot of things that can be done and we are dedicated to doing that. as far as how i feel about it is not as important as what would do as an industry and government going forward. >> was the ventilation at upper branch proper? >> the ventilation was that there be public air before the explosion and 60,000 cubic feet of air. a
alberto gonzales the former bush administration attorney general under fire for firing the u.s. attorneys? the justice department decided just this week not to prosecute him. he says he feels vindicated but also angry. and in the play by play tonight a flashback. back in the 2008 campaign joe biden got in hot water when he used the words "clean and articulate." remember that? a little payback today. some candidates like to call reporters to big events and then walk away. no questions. we'll show you who they are. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at aarp.org. [ fem♪ e announcer ] together we can discover we know why we're here. to design the future of flight, inside and out. ♪ to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. ♪ and reshape
charged a mexican law enforcement officer with abusing his power. police say the liaison to the u.s. is accused of helping a drug trafficking cartel. he was charged with 43 others in an indictment unsealed today. this comes after the fbi made multiple arrests earlier. >>> a gas well explosion near pittsburgh has killed two people. it burned for hours, spewing thick, black smoke for miles. the cause still under investigation. but a state official says people were welding at the site before the explosion. >>> his weapon of choice was not a light saber but a gun, police in long island new york say a man dressed up as darth vader. he wore a blue cape and camouflage pants. a customer thought it was a joke before the man forced the man to the floor using that gun. >>> the weather is the focus of our battle of the late-night laughs. two hosts, one topic, you decide who had the line of the night. let's start with david letterman on the heat wave. >> june was the warmest month in the history of the planet. yes. the warmest month -- of course it will be even warmer where mel gibson is going.
. please give yourselves a huge round of applause. >> reporter: last year, u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan made a trip exclusively to baltimore. >> we need to make a point and say, it doesn't matter about poverty, social challenge. our children can be successful. >> reporter: meanwhile, the principal, angela falls is reportedly staying on at abbotston. and some parents, like lorraine moore will, too. >> i don't have a problem with the school itself. but whoever messed with the scores, that's not fair. >> reporter: abbotston is the second city school that is under investigation for possible cheating. they found evidence of test tampering at that school in the spring. back to you, kai, on tv hill. >>> in a statement obtained by our media partner, the baltimore sun, the drop could possibly be portrayed to the two new teachers who aren't yet achieving passing grades. >>> a state worker has been fired for posting information, including social security numbers of nearly 3,000 department clients on a website. the worker, who has not been named, works for the maryland department of hu
? now we hear that the intelligence agency trains, arms, finances and controls the very enemy the u.s. is fighting. we're going globe trekking to tell you why after this. >>> let me bring you upto date on some stories we're following on cnn, and following closely. tropical storm bonnie has made landfall in the miami area with top winds around 40 miles per hour, not too serious. it's still on track, however, to move into the gulf of mexico very soon. the government's point man on the oil disaster says key vessels will likely have to evacuate for two days. bp has already suspended work on its relief well, but that well is capped, so oil is not leaking at the moment. >>> more weather problems in milwaukee. the airport there is closed because of flooded runways. forecasters say flash flooding dumped nearly 8 inches of rain in some areas in just two hours and caused a huge sink hole that swallowed an suv. the driver was rescued. >>> north korea is vowing a physical response to joint military drills planned this weekend between the u.s. and south korea. u.s. says the drills are a response t
in the u.s. >> "washington journal" continues. host: let's begin with talking about the difference between what refineries do and what bp was doing in the gulf of mexico so people understand the difference. guest: absolutely. first of all, thanks for having me this morning. it is a pleasure to be here. what we as domestics do, we don't produce the crude oil. we make it better. we make gasoline, deisel and other products that surround us in our daily lives. host: how many refineries are there in the united states right now? guest: probably 147, 148, depending on bho who is counting. those are owned by interest crated companies, independent companies, large, small, and meedyum sized. we go through the whole gamut, the biggest of the big to the smallest of the small. host: how many are we talking about? >> we're talking a low of two to 2.5 million direct jobs. ans larry to that, what we do p provide, d -- do, you're talking over nine and 10 millionectobs that we were directly responsible for. host: what's the impact on our economy? >> hundreds of millions of dollars. just in 200148ectust from
of the news. north korea bowing to wage a sacred war if the u.s. goes ahead with war games with south korea this weekend. a spokesman making a similar threat earlier today at an asian security conference in vietnam. secretary of state hillary clinton is there and says the u.s. will not cave in to what she calls blue ridge reasons from the north. steve centanni at the pentagon for us. the military exercises are still on. >> they are said to still be on for the weekend. all this verbal bomb throwing happening in hanoi in vietnam where there was a conference on asian security. we had secretary of state hillary clinton attending as well as the north korean spokesman who made this mention of physical response to those war games set for this weekend. now secretary clinton there also as i mentioned and here is how she responded to that threat. >> it is distressing when north korea continues its threats. and causes so much anxiety among its neighbors in the larger region. >> secretary clinton also calling the north koreans belligerent and dangerous. so tensions clearly rising, jon? >> jon: is north
the u.s. troops picks up and leafs. our next guest was there. he's a fox news contributor. a glad you are back and save, judith. >> glad to be back in cool new york. >> even though it's 112 degrees here. what's your sense about what happens when we leave? >> nobody knows. everybody is hoping for the best. we are already in an advise-and-assist mode. there are no combat operations really going on in the baghdad area. it's the iraqis who are up front. so we are already kind of there but you see the political jockeying that's already gun. >> and politically a lot of people go on tv and they go america get out, but then they would take you aside and say don't leave, we need you particularly in baghdad. >> exactly. i got that again and again and again from the people who depended on us. and wherever you are. >> then why do they say to get out to start with? >> because iraqis nationalists, and they feel they are prepared and ready. >> the green zone, is it still fortified? >> it's so depressing. baghdad is an absolute mess. and you have to wonder even years after an invasion how could we no
happened there. >> new at 11:00, u.s. senators hit a road block in the probe of the lockerbie bomber. senators are investigating whether an oil exploration deal between b.p. and libya influenced the decision to release the man last year. 270 people killed in 1988 when pan am night 103 was bombed over lork by scotland. >> shirley scherr rat is considering job offers after taking a call from a apologetic barack obama. he called to personally appeal to her to come back to work. she was -- she left after making comments taken out of context. >> new details that you saw first on 7:00, in mother-daughter murder cases. the person of interest, came to attention of authorities after a secret hideout was found. they raided a mansion used as a safe house. they made a link between the man and murders when they found out the bodies had been stored and burned in that mansion. this case play go to the defwrands jury next week. >> also new tonight, parents and students are n-shock after learning a football coach is facing child sex abuse charges. >> brian is a football coach and government teacher.
anywhere else. all of the local games around have been playinn witt u.s. teams. this is the first game that as two internationally teams. >> reporter: intermilan one of the teams and you can get that special stuff on friday as well. they are thinking, maybe,ú patrice, that people thought that the game was sold out ike last time. not the case youucan still get tickets. >> hopefully this wwll be a none issue by the next weekend. people will realize that and the whole place will be filled. >> reporter: $115 and $130 up there. they're gging to turn this field into a grass field, not something you will see heee very %-and football season starts. >> still trying to get a little soocer in before we get to football. joel, thank you. >> reporter: good. >>> coming up from unproven medicine to tasting metal.3 >> i remember my parents having a problem before the ransslant was still considered spiri experimental. >> how a transplant recipient is making the mont most of a second >>> we do have know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer the challenge jobs.
-old was selected to serve about six days on board the uss james ranken. the u.s. navy ship is skimming deep oil off the coast. he is a member of the u.s. navy sea cadets that fosters leadership abilities in young men. >> i'll probably be assisting here and there with anything. they said because of safety issues, this i can't work off deck while they skim oil. >> my husband and i can't say enough. anything with his future in the navy. >> how about that, huh? how proud are the temples, huh? matthew's older brother is a navy commissioned officer. >>> sports clips will present a check. the barber shop celebrated the opening of the 700th store in white marsh. they did it by attempting to set a record. ten stylists have been cutting away trying to set the mark for the most haircuts given in a 12-hour period. the final locks fell last night. >> we're doing $7 haircuts. all of the money is going to the orioles reach as the donation to their charity. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> they raised at least $2500 for the orioles reach foundation, so that money goes to the cause tonight. >> that's good. >> ye
-offs, money for a summer jobs program, and improve security along the u.s./mexico border. the $60 billion bill, which is now limited chiefly toward funding, foreign aid, and medical care funding for veterans will head to the house where it faces an uncertain future. >>> a house investigative committee has dealt a serious blow to new york representative charles rangel, charging the 80-year-old congressman with multiple ethics violations. details of the charges against rangel are expected to be revealed next week, but sources say rangel has racked up violations for wrongful use of rent-stabilized manhattan apartments and failing to report rental income from a beachfront property in the dominican republic. rangel took out his mounting frustrations on nbc's luke russert when he was asked if he's afraid of losing his job. >> how do you think i got my job? i was elected, right? how do you think i'd lose it? >> lose two ways. you could lose it if your colleagues voted you out of here because of ethics violations or if your constituents did not -- >> what station are you from? >> nbc/msnbc. >> well, y
to acknowledge the u.s. department of transportation, the metropolitan transportation commission and county transportation authority for helping funnel that money from washington, d.c. right here to the streets of san francisco. as big and great as this new street is for san francisco -- and it is great -- it just yet another chapter in an ongoing narrative about our open space and the public realm in in san francisco from street fairs to outside festivals to extensions of the sidewalks to sunday streets, and any of you here this past sunday just a few blocks down for sunday streets in the mission knows what i'm talking about. but from sunday streets to the new pavement to parks, to the major street reconstructions like this, there is a narrative that has a theme of opening up our public realm for a much broad are use. rethinking our public realm and making it accessible to all modes of transportation, to all people and more enjoyable for people to be in as opposed to just pass through. we are about to take a big step in terms of institutionalizing some of the thinking behind the transforma
senator named blanche bruce, the only african-american in the u.s. senate, voted against it. similarly, we work side-by-side for semel -- civil rights and improve public education. in '86, and laundry owner sued the san francisco board of supervisors for a racially discriminatory law, and it brought equal protection to minorities, and that overturned the 1857 dread scott case, which held that minorities were not protected by the u.s. constitution. we have the landmark case of brown harris is board of education, 1954, to thank for equality in education. -- brown v. board of education. seven years later, the chinese community here worked shoulder to shoulder with the african- american community to expand civil rights and public education. we have a history of working together. mayer brown, and reverend brown knows very well. in the early 1970's, a community leader from japan town and let the board informed of the african american roundtable to improve relations between japanese and african americans in the western addition, but it is going to take a lot more than just groups coming together
but this coming weekend but he did make it. >> serve in the u.s. navy for 20 years and leaves behind a wife, seven year-old daughter in the philippines. in oakland kron 4 news. >> kron 4 spoke with kaiser where he worked there released a statement, " we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the employee's family and friends, and we're providing support to the employes at the oakland medical. " federal >> help may soon be on the way to help oakland deal with the recent rash of violence as kron 4 to join thursday oakland police chief is reaching out to several federal agencies for assistance. kron 4 christine conley found out what that help will mean for oakland residents. >> the oakland police department plans to draw federal agencies to town with a today violent summit. they say it's in the works now set for late august and will bring in agencies like the fbi, dea and atf. the u.s. attorney's office said the first time it will meet with community leaders to discuss what's needed here the second day with only with the police department to hammer out the details. the oakland police department said this
. already there. needs to be stopped. >> the law known as sb-1070 makes it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. the plaintiffs filed seven lawsuit against arizona. arguments are damage to individuals unfairly detained to the federal government sole right and responsibility to establish and enforce immigration policy. at issue before judge susan bolden is whether to stop the law being enforced until the cases have been decided or dismiss the challenges outright. that's unlikely to happen, but it was difficult to tell from her tough questions of all sides where she is leaning on a temporary injunction. arizona maintains sb-1070 is in line with the immigration laws and trying to respond to calls from the citizens and washington, d.c., to get the border under control. >> arizona rightfully should step up to the plate and say we're ready to take on this partnership at a higher level. when we do, look where we are. the federal court. being sued. >> we'll be true to the constitution. if it says this power is given to the federal government, not the state, then the fact that congress failed
by the act of kindness they are offering to help gus get back on his feet. they're u.s. soldiers and they weren't even u.s. citizens until a few weeks ago. can you imagine putting your life on the line for a country that wasn't even yours? on the fourth of july. 156 u.s. service members from 56 countries became americans at camp victory in baghdad. one might argue they have always been americans. they just now have the papers to prove it. >> congratulations. you are now united states citizens. [ applause [ applause ] >> god bless, america. ♪ ♪ >> in the recent cash-strapped city of detroit, 77 public parks recently risked closure. the city could no longer afford to keep them up. who do they turn to? we, the people. residents started digging in their own pocket and digging in the dirt to help maintain the parks. some mowed lawns. others purchase park benches on their own dime. 60-year-old howard king junior is one of them. >> it's therapy. it makes me feel good when i see the area, where i stand looks good. >> working to restore scripts park in downtown detroit. >> the city, t
. then over the weekend this strange and ominous graffiti appear approximated warning the u.s. fbi to investigate corrupt mexican officials or expect more car bombs. >> the use of a car bomb clearly represents a tactical escalation. we have seen the first car bomb. there probably will be more. >> reporter: mexico has been bleeding and crying since president felipe calderon declared war on drug cartels four years ago. he deployed 45,000 troops but so far they're no match for ruthless drug gangsters flush with guns and money, $25 billion or more annual profits, selling drugs to the u.s. recently president calderon blamed the u.s. for mexico's troubles, writing in an editorial, the origin of our violence problems begins with the fact that mexico is located next to the country that has the highest levels of drug consumption in the world. >> the way they see it, they are fighting our war on drugs. >> reporter: especially on the border. 140 drug slayings in no gag et cetera-- no gag es, mexico this year, more than all of last year. >> there is a lot of homicides any hour, any day of the
the administration's estimate in february, but still it's the largest budget shortfall in u.s. history. our guest tonight has been appointed by president obama to serve on a special commission to reduce the nation's deficit. alice rivlin joins us now, she is also senior fellow of the brookings institution. >> good to be here, susie. >> susie: alice, when you look at the forecast of the white house, and looking out, it is expecting the deficit, it will be able to cut the deficit by half a trillion dollars over the next two years, by the year 2012. that works out 10% of g.d.p. now down to 5.6%. does that seem doable to you? >> i think it is doable if the recovery doesn't falter. the assumptions behind this drop in the deficit are that the economy does recover, grows moderately this year, and continues to strengthen. i don't think that's unreasonable, although there is some reason recently to doubt how strong the recovery is. but on those assumptions, much of this deficit, and it is very, very large, is related to the recession and to the temporary spending that we had to do to mitigate the recessio
on highway 37. >>> oakland's top cop now wants help from the feds. chief batts says he may ask the u.s. department of justice to help with investigations following the staffing layoffs of 80 officers. batts says oakland cops are now going to focus on three things, gangs, guns and drugs. he says to be more efficient, injured officers will work police phone lines. he is meeting with federal agencies next month to talk about possible help. >>> the bart connector to the oakland airport is back on track. the bart board yesterday approving a new financing plan for the project. the automated people mover would connect the coliseum station to the airport. in february, the federal government denied bart $70 million in stimulus funding. the new financing plan uses more state money and taps into bart's reserve fund. there is no word on when this construction might begin. >>> in other action. >> in other action the board tabled action on reducing fares due to an unexpected surplus. >>> in other news it first made news with the fatal shooting of a suspects but a marijuana raid in a remote area of s
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